Name LighteS Co.,Ltd.
CEO Takeo Segawa
Technical advisor Jichi Medical University Professor Satoshi Nishimura
address 3-2-4 Ningyocho,Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Founded September 22,2017
Business contents
  • Development of research optical equipment
  • Development of medical optical equipment
  • Medical, bioscience research

board member

CEO Takeo Segawa

1997 Graduated from economics department of Tokyo University

Fuji Bank (present Mizuho Bank)

R&D of new derivatives, risk management, portfolio management

2009 Seek Edge established

2016 invited to Emirate Japan Marketing Council (assumed the office of Japan president in 2018)

2017 Established LighteS, assumed the office ofrepresentative director

Director/Technical Manager Satoshi Nishimura

1999 Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine, Department of Medicine

2007 Graduate School of Medicine Doctoral Program at the University of Tokyo

2008 Assistant Professor University Department of Cardiovascular Medicine,

2011 Special Associate Professor University of Tokyo System Disease Life Science Advanced Medical Technology Development Base,

2013 Professor, Molecular Pathology Research Dept. Center for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, Jichi Medical School,

2017 Director of LighteS