I really want to see what I want to see

Optical equipment created by the user


・Development of research optical equipment

・Development of medical optical equipment

・Medical, bioscience research


LighteS develops medical equipment and research equipment that uses light.

Are researchers looking at what theywant to observe now? Do health professionals have sufficient image information for judgment?

For example, it is difficult for researchers to locate a single cell from the eyeball just as if searching for a house from the earth.

It is also difficult to obtain biological information at the cell level with optical instruments that medical personnel can easily operate.

If this becomes possible, you can trace the process of recovery of living tissue, and acquisition of drug discovery and research evidence will be dramatically easier.

If skin tissue can be observed without preparing a preparation, skin treatment and skin care will be greatly improved.

We will develop devices that seek out the image information that researchers and medical professionals truly need, not what the existing optical instruments show.